What’s it like to do coffee business in a part of the United States facing especially massive challenges from Coronavirus? For Florida cafe owners, selling coffee through a summer that’s seen COVID-19 cases skyrocket to the second-highest amount of cases in the nation has been a logistical—and sometimes ethical—challenge. Owners […]

For about 3 months now I’ve been wood fire roasting my own beans. What started as a pandemic hobby has turned into a hobby that pays for itself! Unfortunately no income from it yet but I’ve been selling out every batch I make. Feel free to check out the website […]

So we had a group of girls come though our dt. They get to the box and we greet them and the first thing one of them says is I have partner numbers. So we’re like okay… but what can get get started for you? She repeats that she has […]

Welcome to another episode of No Free Refills, a podcast dedicated to the messy, beautiful collision of pop culture and coffee. In this week’s episode, hosts Tymika Lawrence and Ezra Baker drink wine (we love wine) and continue to socially distance, speaking to each other from their respective homes in […]

Has anybody got any experience with these? Same Price as the Gaggia Classic, Does it perform as well? Does it have a 3 way valve etc? I note that it is only 850w (and takes 6 mins to heat up.) submitted by /u/foxytom [comments] Source link

Tomorrow is the final day to secure your spot for the coffee-oriented book club that’s exploring slavery, colonialism, racism, and coffee’s role in all three. BY KATRINA YENTCHBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Cover art by Annie Spratt for Unsplash The organizers of the first race-centered coffee book club are not the experts […]

I’ve had my CC1 for over 5 years now and I feel like it’s on its last legs. The thermoblock leaks enough that the machine will only operate with the top open so the humidity in the machine is low enough, otherwise the electronics stop working. There’s also some corrosion […]